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The Late Night Crisis

Last week saw lots of controversy in late night programming, specifically on NBC. The network’s big decision to move Jay to 10pm five nights a week was a terrible one. Sure, he’s cheaper, but Jay can’t compete with the big programs on other networks. With big favorites 24 and the final season of Lost returning […]

iPad: no, thank you.

“Yes, the iPad is small, lightweight and slim. But can you swim with it?”


One of the top news stories of the last week is the record-breaking hit Avatar. James Cameron’s hit movie has surpassed another Cameron epic flick, Titanic, as the top-selling movie of all time.
The two movies seem to have nothing in common except for being really long, so I assume either the self-proclaimed King of the World is like Midas with movie scripts or he has made a pact with the devil. I shall guess the second.

University of Utah Gymnastics, January 22

Improvement, yes. Satisfactory? Not quite.

We Are the World Remake?

Yahoo! reports that Lionel Richie is considering a remake of the hit 1985 song We Are the World. I love the original with all those awesome 80s Musicians–like Dan Aykroyd. I’m not sure how I feel about the remake. Depends on the artists included, I suppose. The remake of What’s Goin’ On was pretty good. […]


I’m a NASA Ambassador! And there’s a new press release talking about our awesomeness: Stellar Students Selected As NASA Ambassadors

Monday Night TV!

Quote of the night: “My new laptop has Windows 7. It’s much more user friendly than Windows Vista…I don’t like that.” -Sheldon Cooper


I’ve decided to create a brand new blog. I hear it’s the cool thing to do. Unfortunately, being cool’ll have to wait until later. Right now, I have homework to do. And sleep. Gotta love sleep.

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!