Monthly Archives: January 2011

TiMER: a solid 4/5

I took a break from my documentaries on Netflix to find a lighter film. Decided on a romantic comedy. And I discovered a couple things while searching for one. First, Netflix thinks I’m a snob. All my highest-rated films are indie comedies and documentaries. This isn’t all I am! I will watch any movie genre. […]

Law Abiding Citizen

I took a sojourn from my recent addiction to documentaries with a viewing of Law Abiding Citizen, a thriller starring Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler. I’d been wanting to see the movie in theatres but terrible reviews made me change my mind. Rotten Tomatoes gave the flick 25% positive ratings. But I enjoyed it. It […]

The Art of the Steal 3/5

Rotten Tomatoes says: “deeply esoteric and unapologetically one-sided, The Art of the Steal proves a documentary doesn’t have to make an objective argument as long as it argues well.” It’s true. The film is terribly one-sided against the behavior of the leaders of the Barnes Foundation since the 1990s.