Monthly Archives: February 2011

GRAMMYs red carpet

I am a total fashionista, as I am sure you are all aware (lie). And a diehard GRAMMY fan (lie). Plus I am really good at judging things (truth), so after carefully pouring over the images from the GRAMMY red carpet (sort of lie), I will give my best and worst. Why? Because I can. […]

A (romantic) comedy of errors

As mentioned in my post about TiMER, I’ve recently begun trying to watch romantic comedies instead of more serious movies. I’ve discovered that watching romantic comedies is much easier on my brain than other movies that require actual thought. So in an effort to find a decent movie, I started several mediocre flicks, gave up […]

The Town

The Town had awesome trailers and great reviews (94% positive on RT), so I figured it would indeed be awesome. It was not. It was incredibly disappointing. The most disappointing movie I’ve seen since Inception. Maybe even more disappointing than Inception. Watching the preview, one would think that the movie is an awesome flick about […]