An enhanced eBook?

If you’ve been reading this or my other blog, you are probably aware of my adoration towards Jessica Park’s Flat-Out Love. If you haven’t read my blog post (on my other blog) on why I think it’s totally awesome, check it out here.

But this post isn’t about that…exactly. It’s about the enhanced app Park is creating with a start-up app development company. If you’ve not read Flat-Out Love (and why not? go read it!), the book features Facebook status messages and conversations via email. From what I can tell, the app plays those conversations in “real time,” as if the characters are really interacting. This sounds really cool.

Park has also petitioned a local band to make a sort-of soundtrack for the book, plus images, videos, etc, to make a more interactive story. On her blog, Park describes it as

The concept behind this version is to create a much more immersive experience for the reader, one that goes well beyond a simple read. Still images, video images, music, pop-ups for all of the FB updates, emails, and chat messages, author commentary, three extra chapters (including a pretty steamy one!), and more will build on the story and pull readers in deeper to the Flat-Out Love world.

I’m really excited to see how it plays out; it sounds like it could be the next generation of eBooks…I can really see the idea becoming successful.

Check out the development info on Kickstarter. It looks awesome.

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