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Killers: 3.5/5

We hooked Netflix up to our tv via PS3 so I’ve finally decided to watch some of the 77 movies in my instant watch queue. Skipped a whole list of critically-acclaimed flicks to choose Killers, starring the always-adorable Katherine Heigl and the super dreamy Ashton Kutcher. I’d describe the movie as an attempt at Mr. […]

I Do (Prête-moi ta main)

First, another note about Netflix. I don’t know what I did, but it seems to think I only like documentaries and foreign language romantic comedies. Am I this much of a pretentious jerk in real life? I don’t think so! Plus, sharing the account with Brandon means I also appear to be schizophrenic and have […]

A (romantic) comedy of errors

As mentioned in my post about TiMER, I’ve recently begun trying to watch romantic comedies instead of more serious movies. I’ve discovered that watching romantic comedies is much easier on my brain than other movies that require actual thought. So in an effort to find a decent movie, I started several mediocre flicks, gave up […]

The Town

The Town had awesome trailers and great reviews (94% positive on RT), so I figured it would indeed be awesome. It was not. It was incredibly disappointing. The most disappointing movie I’ve seen since Inception. Maybe even more disappointing than Inception. Watching the preview, one would think that the movie is an awesome flick about […]

TiMER: a solid 4/5

I took a break from my documentaries on Netflix to find a lighter film. Decided on a romantic comedy. And I discovered a couple things while searching for one. First, Netflix thinks I’m a snob. All my highest-rated films are indie comedies and documentaries. This isn’t all I am! I will watch any movie genre. […]

Law Abiding Citizen

I took a sojourn from my recent addiction to documentaries with a viewing of Law Abiding Citizen, a thriller starring Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler. I’d been wanting to see the movie in theatres but terrible reviews made me change my mind. Rotten Tomatoes gave the flick 25% positive ratings. But I enjoyed it. It […]

The Art of the Steal 3/5

Rotten Tomatoes says: “deeply esoteric and unapologetically one-sided, The Art of the Steal proves a documentary doesn’t have to make an objective argument as long as it argues well.” It’s true. The film is terribly one-sided against the behavior of the leaders of the Barnes Foundation since the 1990s.

The September Issue

My new Netflix subscription has facilitated my recent addiction to documentaries, and the most recent is The September Issue. The film follows the creation of 2007 September issue of Vogue magazine.

Netflix and The King of Kong

So after years of people telling me how awesome it is, I finally decided to get Netflix. It’s only $10/month for DVDs and instant viewing of many movies! I originally got Netflix so I could watch the 2005 version of Pride and Prejudice, but it’s apparently disc-only, just like most of the movies I could […]

TRON: LEGACY, almost-4/5

I saw TRON: LEGACY last night in 3D. As you’re aware from past blog posts, I’m not a fan of 3D in general, but I figured the TRON (which will henceforth be called “Tron” since I don’t like capslocking) people would do it in a classy manner. They did. I was impressed. The 3D was […]