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The 5 Ws of posting on Facebook and why you need to STFU about it

I spend a lot of time on the Facebook pages for various news organizations. I run the Facebook pages for some news organizations. No matter what story a page posts, someone will say, “I don’t care,” or “This isn’t news,” or “There are people dying in Syria and you’re talking about this,” or “Why do […]

Video game violence

Does playing violent video games lead someone to commit acts of violence in the real world? The short answer: No. There are no studies showing a causal relationship between violent video games and violent behavior. There are some that show that intaking violent media can lead to short-term increases in aggression, but there is no […]

Viral marketing

I’ve practically waxed poetic about the effectiveness of Apple’s marketing. Not necessarily here, but in general. I wrote an entire term paper on it. Complete with website. They have managed to take their products beyond merely products to a lifestyle. It’s incredible. Volkswagon (pronounced Wolks-vagon by the Germans and weird people like me) had incredible […]

An enhanced eBook?

If you’ve been reading this or my other blog, you are probably aware of my adoration towards Jessica Park’s Flat-Out Love. If you haven’t read my blog post (on my other blog) on why I think it’s totally awesome, check it out here. But this post isn’t about that…exactly. It’s about the enhanced app Park […]

Netflix and The King of Kong

So after years of people telling me how awesome it is, I finally decided to get Netflix. It’s only $10/month for DVDs and instant viewing of many movies! I originally got Netflix so I could watch the 2005 version of Pride and Prejudice, but it’s apparently disc-only, just like most of the movies I could […]

Mac culture

I’ve spent the last several months doing research on Mac culture for my Comm 3020 final project (the class is Media and Pop Culture) and, in the process, found a couple of very interesting films that I highly recommend. The first is MacHEADS, a 2009 so-called “fanboy” documentary about the history of Mac (and Apple) […]

iPad: no, thank you.

“Yes, the iPad is small, lightweight and slim. But can you swim with it?”