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Viral marketing

I’ve practically waxed poetic about the effectiveness of Apple’s marketing. Not necessarily here, but in general. I wrote an entire term paper on it. Complete with website. They have managed to take their products beyond merely products to a lifestyle. It’s incredible. Volkswagon (pronounced Wolks-vagon by the Germans and weird people like me) had incredible […]

The New Girl

I, like the rest of society, have an “isn’t she adorable?!” crush on Zooey Deschanel, so I was excited to see The New Girl, her new series on Fox. The show is about Jess, played by Deschanel, a kooky, adorable girl who breaks up with her boyfriend and moves in with three men. Hilarity ensues. […]


I am probably the last person in the world (or at least the last tele-phile) to check out the hit Fox series Glee. I finally watched a few episodes last week and I really don’t know what to say…do I love it? Hate it? I can’t decide! On one hand, it’s catchy and strangely addicting. […]

Fall 2010 TV Premieres, part 1

Two of my favorite past shows had premieres this last week: longtime favorite “House” kicked off its seventh season last night and the sophomore season of NBC’s “Parenthood” premiered Tuesday.

The Emmys

I end my summer-long posting hiatus with a rant on last night’s Emmys. The always-adorable Jimmy Fallon was the host of this year’s program and started out the show with another one of his Glee knock-offs, this time singing “Born To Run” with Hurley, Tina Fey, obnoxious Kate (of +8 fame), and members of the […]

NBC’s Parenthood

One of NBC’s post-Leno-debacle series is Parenthood, Tuesdays at 10/9c. The show is about four adult siblings and their families, making quite an ensemble cast. The show has a tendency to get cheesy, but great performances by castmembers (including Lauren Graham, who played Lorelai in the hit WB series Gilmore Girls, and Craig T Nelson […]

The Late Night Crisis

Last week saw lots of controversy in late night programming, specifically on NBC. The network’s big decision to move Jay to 10pm five nights a week was a terrible one. Sure, he’s cheaper, but Jay can’t compete with the big programs on other networks. With big favorites 24 and the final season of Lost returning […]

Monday Night TV!

Quote of the night: “My new laptop has Windows 7. It’s much more user friendly than Windows Vista…I don’t like that.” -Sheldon Cooper