Fall 2010 TV Premieres, part 1

We’re now arriving on one of the best parts of the year for tv-philes: fall premieres. There are new shows and the “exciting” season premieres of classics.

Two of my favorite past shows had premieres this last week: longtime favorite “House” kicked off its seventh season last night and the sophomore season of NBC’s “Parenthood” premiered Tuesday.

“Parenthood” is back in classic form with amusing family banter. Too much emphasis on Crosby, who I’d just started hating less. I want to see more of Sarah’s kids. But things are looking good.

“House”, on the other hand, started the season off on a terrible note. Half of the episode was spent with House and Cuddy having sex and talking about being together. I don’t watch this show for its “romance.” I watch for interesting medical cases. If I wanted to see melodrama, I would turn to CW. And “Thirteen” has mysteriously disappeared (it turnsĀ  out to star in some sort of western-style sci-fi with Harrison Ford).

And…it seems that “House” is following in the footsteps of “Lost”, “Heroes”, “Alias”, and every other unique, interesting show that becomes ruined after a few seasons by focusing less on the awesomeness factors of the show and more on the romantic interludes of main characters.
Will this season be the so-called jumping-of-the-shark for “House”? Or has it been a slow decline into mediocrity?

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