GRAMMYs red carpet

I am a total fashionista, as I am sure you are all aware (lie). And a diehard GRAMMY fan (lie). Plus I am really good at judging things (truth), so after carefully pouring over the images from the GRAMMY red carpet (sort of lie), I will give my best and worst. Why? Because I can.

First, the worst:

Miley Cyrus got excellent reviews from Yahoo! for this total disaster. It’s terrible and it makes her look middle-aged. F
also, when will this Miley craze end?

Rihanna also got rave reviews. WHY? She looks like she was having fun with the Christmas tree and wrapped tinsel around herself. Terrible.

Haley Williams from Paramore. Worst outfit of the night. I know she has an eclectic style, but this was just BAD.

Now the good.

Kelly Osbourne. Remember when she used to be fat and unattractive? Not anymore. I like this.

Yahoo! didn’t like this. Yeah, the shoulders are a little wacky, but certainly not deserving of the D- they gave her.

I LOVE this. It’s totally my style, if not a little low-cut.

Anna Nalick. Another one of my favorites. Kind of kooky but adorable.

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