I Do (PrĂȘte-moi ta main)

First, another note about Netflix. I don’t know what I did, but it seems to think I only like documentaries and foreign language romantic comedies. Am I this much of a pretentious jerk in real life? I don’t think so!
Plus, sharing the account with Brandon means I also appear to be schizophrenic and have an interest in cartoons and anime. Needless to say, this creates a weird combination of suggestions.

After searching long and hard for a decent romantic comedy, I finally gave up and decided on I Do: How to Get Married and Stay Single (or, I Do since it’s shorter to write), a French-language romantic comedy with English subtitles.
Watching this made me realize two things. First, I remember less French than I’d expected. And second, a movie being in a foreign language automatically makes it higher-rated on Netflix.

One commenter said “An extremely funny slapstick comedy of unimaginable proportions.” Umm…not really. It is a predictable romantic comedy with unlikeable main characters who have no chemistry.

The film is about a man named Luis, who is 43-years-old and happily single. Unfortunately, Luis’s family (composed of his mother and five sisters) is nosy and desperate to marry him off. So the women set up a series (31, if I recall correctly) of blind dates for him out of hopes that their beloved son/brother will finally find The One…or at least someone.

Luis is annoyed by this and concocts a “brilliant” plan. He will find a woman to pretend to be engaged to, make his family fall in love with her, then have her not show up at the wedding, making him “depressed” and get his family off his back about marriage.

As a semi-related aside, now this is a plot I’ve read numerous times in Gilmore Girls fan fiction, so it was pretty generic for me. I’ve seen it done much better. I was disappointed in this one.

Meanwhile, Luis’s coworker’s sister Emma comes on the scene. She is desperate for a stable income because she is hoping on adopting a baby. She is apparently obsessed with having one.

Luis decides to have Emma as his “fiance”, and the two get to work convincing Luis’ family that she is wonderful. It works.

It works too well. The wedding day comes and Emma doesn’t show up, but Luis’s family determines it is all his fault. Luis’s mother has a stroke and demands he reunite with Emma.

So Luis rehires Emma with a new plan…make his family hate her so they demand the two break up.

This plan also works. Unfortunately, Luis falls in love with Emma in the meantime and has to spill the beans about his evil plans to his family. They fall in love, adopt a child and presumably live happily ever after.

My problem with the film is that Luis is a completely unlikeable character. I had no sympathy for him. Emma isn’t much better.

Not to mention that Luis feels much older than Emma. The actor that plays him was born in 1958 and the actress who plays Emma was born in 1971, so there is only a 13 year difference, but it still felt awkward.

The only appeal of the movie for me was the supporting cast. Luis’s family, especially his mother, performs fairly well in their roles and I actually kind of connect with their characters.

Overall, a mediocre, formulaic romantic comedy. A low 3/5.

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