Monday Night TV!

Mondays…my favorite night of the week. House, Big Bang Theory, and Heroes all on one night!

No House today thanks to hours three and four of the season premiere of 24. I haven’t seen 24 in several seasons, but I can assume there were terrorists involved–probably still Middle Eastern. Maybe Asian. I’m not hip to the whole America’s enemy stereotype right now. Also Jack breaking rules. There was likely shouting into walkies and saying, “I REPEAT!” Lots of repeating of yelling. We heard ya, Jack. No need to repeat it. And Ford SUVs. Or maybe Chevy. A good old American vehicle no doubt.

Heroes was a bit of a disappointment after last week’s awesomeness. A lot more Claire. Claire is apparently becoming a lesbian with the stupid twin from A Cinderella Story. Yeah. I saw that. And liked it. Anyway, Sylar is turning into a pussy. He wants to rid himself of his powers. Boohoo. They ruined Peter and now they’re ruining Sylar. At least we’ll get to watch Claire’s lesbian encounters. Not much of a consolation prize.

Hiro got the most epic death sequence ever and he didn’t even die. I’d like Sulu and Sark/Adam to show up when I die. Or don’t die. Thank God the ‘Hiro is dying’ subplot is over. Now he and Ando can go back to saving the series.

Oh, and creepy carnival guy destroyed a whole town!

Next week–HRG and “You fired me because I’m a lesbian” are going to battle against the specials in the carnival. Should be exciting!

Big Bang was meh. Not enough Howard/Raj. I love Sheldon, but the series has two awesome minor characters that are being left by the wayside.
Best part of the episode was Sheldon’s listing of stolen items. No Sega, though? Ultra-nerd boyfriend pointed out that they have game-console misalignment.

Quote of the night: “My new laptop has Windows 7. It’s much more user friendly than Windows Vista…I don’t like that.” -Sheldon Cooper

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