The 5 Ws of posting on Facebook and why you need to STFU about it

I spend a lot of time on the Facebook pages for various news organizations. I run the Facebook pages for some news organizations.

No matter what story a page posts, someone will say, “I don’t care,” or “This isn’t news,” or “There are people dying in Syria and you’re talking about this,” or “Why do you keep posting these things?” or “I’m so sick of these kinds of stories.”

Every major post will have one. Some people will ‘like’ the comment. Others will post in agreement. The rest of us think those commenters are jerks. Particularly the sad person who has to read all your comments on our posts.

So why are we posting about Miss Utah or viral videos?

Because we have thousands (in some cases hundreds of thousands) of fans, all with different interests. We want to provide content for as many people as we can.

You might not like this particular story, but I bet some other person does. Stop being greedy.

Second, there’s strategy behind it.

Think of the kind of people on Facebook and what they’re posting about. Their kids, a party they attended, work, photos. Mundane, everyday things. Yes, some people post about politics, but for the most part, Facebook is pretty laid-back.

Since we want to appeal to those people, we’ll post laid-back stories like viral videos or cats running for mayor of Mexican cities because people will read them.

People who care about Middle Eastern or Latin American politics will go to NPR or CNN or Fox News or the BBC. They don’t go to Facebook or the local news site.

Analytics and studies prove this.

But more than what to post, studies have found the idea time to post, how you should post…it’s become an art.

So next time you come across a story on Facebook you don’t care about, skip it. No one cares that you don’t care.

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