The Emmys

I end my summer-long posting hiatus with a rant on last night’s Emmys.

The always-adorable Jimmy Fallon was the host of this year’s program and started out the show with another one of his Glee knock-offs, this time singing “Born To Run” with Hurley, Tina Fey, obnoxious Kate (of +8 fame), and members of the actual show Glee. The show was lighthearted and fun…granted I didn’t watch more than five “thank you” speeches (thank God for TiVo).

First, Bravo’s Top Chef won for best reality show, ending the domination by The Amazing Race, who had won every previous year since the category’s creation. The quality of TAR has gone downhill slightly in recent seasons, but even a mediocre season is better than a generic skill-competition. Project Runway was my second choice for this category. The show manages to be interesting without gimmicks (I’m looking at you, Survivor). I’d even prefer American Idol to Top Chef, even though I credit AI with ruining television for the last decade. At least it’s the original skill-competition.

Jon Stewart’s Daily Show beat out Conan and Colbert this year. Poor Conan. Defeated again!

Kudos to Jim Parsons for winning as best lead actor for a comedy as Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory, the best show on television right now (or at least the best show not on HBO).

Beyond that, I was mostly apathetic about the winners and losers, though I hear Dexter is an awesome show…a real killer. *rimshot*

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