The New Girl

I, like the rest of society, have an “isn’t she adorable?!” crush on Zooey Deschanel, so I was excited to see The New Girl, her new series on Fox.

The show is about Jess, played by Deschanel, a kooky, adorable girl who breaks up with her boyfriend and moves in with three men. Hilarity ensues. Or fairly amusing situations based on the fact that everyone finds Zooey Deschanel adorable.

So that’s the whole plot, basically…Zooey being adorable and the resulting hijinks. She also sings awkwardly.

I give the show a B. It’ll be successful for most of one season before Zooey being adorable can’t hold our interest anymore.

I recommend you watch it. Because seriously, what else are you going to watch? Dancing with the Stars? The Biggest Loser? If you were going to watch one of those shows, I suggest you reassess your life and taste in television. Or perhaps ask me about my opinions on American Idol ruining television for the last decade.

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