Viral marketing

I’ve practically waxed poetic about the effectiveness of Apple’s marketing. Not necessarily here, but in general. I wrote an entire term paper on it. Complete with website.
They have managed to take their products beyond merely products to a lifestyle. It’s incredible.

Volkswagon (pronounced Wolks-vagon by the Germans and weird people like me) had incredible success last year with their adorable Tiny Vader Super Bowl ad:

It has netted nearly 50 million page views in the last year. It was BIG.

And now they’ve revealed a “teaser” for this year’s ad:

This says nothing about VW or about their cars, but only reminds people of Star Wars (and really, who doesn’t love Star Wars?) and, by extension, last year’s ad. In one day, it has gotten over 1 million page views.

Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are the future of advertising. Kudos to VW for getting it right.

Also, honorable mention to Doritos for their ads.

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